Web Of Intrigue Surrounds Texas Horse Park Site – Search Warrant – Lawsuit – Countersuit – Demand For Federal Funds – Slaughterhouse On Park Property – Carcass Pits – Toxic Dump

August 12 2013 – New Open Records Request Spins Web Of Interlocking Documents and Threats of Criminal Action, Demand For Federal Relocation Funds To Relocate Slaughterhouse, and More

Texas Horse Park Asbestos Final Report Released – August 1 2013

Special Alert – Texas Horse Park and City Attorneys On Intense Attack To Condemn and Seize Rhadames Solano Soccer Park For Reported SMU Facility – County Court File CC-13-00464-C

Apparently Cancelled – Military Honor Guard and City Council To Celebrate Texas Horse Park Dedication At Toxic Waste Site July 17 2013 – Carcass Pits and Carcinogenic Soil Cleanup Apparently Waived At Disabled Children Venue

Texas Horse Park Contamination Known For Months By Senior City Officials – No Word On Cleanup At Site For Children, Disabled Veterans, and Elderly

Photo: July 2012 City of Dallas Park Department Leasehold – Slaughter facility on Park property. City of Dallas Code Compliance and Municipal Court system have no record of any documents or investigations relating to the animal slaughter facility operating at 811 Pemberton Hill Road for years under a City of Dallas lease agreement.

New July 12 2013 – Open Records – Code Compliance – Municipal Courts – No Records

New June 21 2013 – Recently Discovered Development Maps – Pave Pemberton Spring Replay of Winfrey Point/Dallas Arboretum Battle

Texas Horse Park Big Spring Site Re-Zoned For Hotel – Open Records Reveals High Levels Of Contamination At Site Of Facility For Disabled Children and Seniors – No Funding For Environmental Cleanup of Animal Slaughterhouse and Toxic Dump

Previous Headline – City Of Dallas Refuses To Produce American Indian Archaeology Report On Texas Horse Park – Bulldozers Set To Ravage 7000 Year Old Site

New – June 18 2013 – Zoning Changes For Texas Horse Park Property – Hotels and Shopping Venues Approved For Big Spring Native American Site

Golf Course Site Also Approved for 80 Cottages For Wealthy On City Park Land

New – June 11 2013 – Texas Horse Park Toxic Waste Contamination Report

Editors’ Note: High levels of contamination were revealed in the latest Open Records as a result of an illegal toxic waste dump operating openly on City park land. No mention was made of open carcass pits remaining from the previous animal sacrifice facility openly operating under a Dallas Park Department lease at the site of the Texas Horse Park. In a report released to Save Pemberson’s Big Spring, the City estimates 30 working days to remove the toxic material and replace the mass of soil with new fill. The City currently has no record of any funding proposal or any bidding proposals for the toxic site remediation.

Photos: Native Indian artifacts excavated on or about January 21 2013 at the site of the Texas Horse Park/Progreso Farms site by GMI-Marine archaeologists hired by the City of Dallas. The site is set for bulldozers within days. Obtained under the Texas Open Records Act.

New – Texas Historical Commmission Open Records on Archaeological Site

City Council – Pacheco Koch Contract – Simpkins Site Remediation Survey

Texas Horse Park Open Records May 29 2013 II- Toxic Waste Site Remediation Simpkins Site TCEQ VCP No. 2210

Note: Voluminous records examined on June 5 2013, copies to be released shortly.

Texas Horse Park Open Records May 29 2013 I

Bing Satellite Images

Note: Park Land Leased By Dallas Park and Recreation Board Animal Slaughterhouse Facility and Animal Waste Dump – Future Home of Texas Horse Park

Reference Materials

Photos: Non-Classified Waste Materials in barrels at Texas Horse Park/Progreso Farms site at 811 Pemberton Road, Dallas, February 17, 2013.

Photos: Texas Horse Park, 811 Pemberton Hill Road, Dallas, Texas. Corporate address of Progreso Farms LLC and long-term reported livestock slaughterhouse on City of Dallas park property, and new home of the Texas Horse Park. Sign translation: borrego-lamb, marrano-pig, chivo-kid goat, becerro-calf.

May 18 2013 – The City of Dallas has restricted access to a Geo-Marine archaeological report described in a Dallas Park and Recreation Board briefing on May 16, 2013. Texas Horse Park Project Manager Don Burns described conclusions from the secret 2013 GMI report that minimized the impact of Texas Horse Park construction on the Native American site. Burns described hundreds of one meter excavations on the site he claimed to have been used for 7000 years by Native Americans.

In fact, a claim of hundreds of one meter excavations is clearly misleading. In 2009, GMI conducted an examination of an area north of the Texas Horse Park consisting of approximately 52 one foot diameter shovel holes. A subsequent 56 shovel tests were conducted in the area. (2009 GMI report at page 41). For clarification, none of the current Horse Park area was involved in the 2009 excavation.

The 2013 exploratory test holes are reported to have consisted of four excavations in preparation for a larger dig.

On May 17, 2013, the City of Dallas filed notice of the withholding of what is described as a “draft” document prepared by Geo-Marine. However, conclusions from this “draft” document were presented to the Park Board Planning and Design Subommittee by a City of Dallas official and the Subcommittee voted 3 for and 3 against the recommendation of a multi-million dollar construction contract.

A full vote of the Park Board approved the contract and City officials say construction will begin immediately. There is no evidence to confirm or deny that any Park Board member viewed the “draft” archaeological document prior to voting to ultimately destroy the 7000 year old American Indian site.

Two members of the full Park Board voted against the construction contract.

Editors’ Correction: One source insists that no GMI “draft” report exists. However, it appears some sort of progress report was issued by GMI. An Open Records Request to the Texas Historical Commission seeks a copy of this progress report.

May 14 2012 – The City of Dallas in a surprise move will fence an ancient American Indian spring site on Pemberton Hill Road near the site of the Texas Horse Park. An extensive American Indian encampment is also located at the site of the Texas Horse Parks south of the Big Spring. A formal report on the encampment is pending after the City commissioned an archaelogical dig by Brown Reynolds Watford Architects contractor GMI, but the City apparently decided to proceed with the demolition of the American Indian site prior to issuance of the curation and final report by GMI. In addition, the Horse Park site was reportedly the home of an alleged illegal dumping site as well as an alleged religious ritual animal slaughter site. There is no known record of any environmental reports relating to contamination of soils and environment addressing toxic waste dumping or  animal slaughter.

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